09 February 2012

Asking for Patience

My dear followers, I have learned something. I have learned that three small children, one of whom is still a new baby, means that I have virtually no time to myself. No time to knit, read, spin, or even blog. I hardly have time to sleep, but when I do have a small snippet of time it is this last activity that you will be likely to see me doing. And so, while things keep happening here, and many are things I would simply love to tell you about, I am struggling to find a spot in my day to upload photos, edit photos, and write.

Stay tuned. I will always try to share what I can, when I can.


Jessica said...

It's all good. I check in to your blog periodically, but don't worry about not posting. Look at me, I don't even have a blog and I don't have kids or a house to take care of. :) I totally see where you are coming from. It is great to just enjoy the time with your daughters, every minute you can get. Like they always say, it will go by so fast and soon they'll be grown up. Enjoy your little girls!

Stepher said...

What?! I expect you to have the floors vacuumed, house dusted, gourmet meals made and everyone in stylish, matching clothes with amazing hairstyles everytime I come to your house. What is this, no time for a blog?? Fail!

Okay, obviously I am joking. But I do enjoy your posts when you fit them in.

barb said...

Valerie, I agree with the other gals, it is so fun to read what is going on in your life, when you have time to post. You have your hands full. For a mother, it is a good day when the kids tummies are fed, their diapers are changed, their faces and hands have been washed a few times throughout the day. Everything else is icing on the cake.
I am so HUMILIATED that I haven't sent you the book and the bib. Are you sensing that I am a procrastinator? What a terrible trait. I will try to get it together to mail them this week. I will email you when I send them.


Stephanie said...

You deserve an award for all you do!
Your faithful readers will still be here when you can breathe again.