01 January 2012

Hand Knits, Cousins and Dresses

This is Miss Wonderful, as her name tag says.  And Miss Wonderful is growing!  I made her an adorable (according to me!) hand knit outfit:
And she wore it for the first time on New Year's Eve:
As you can see, she shocked even herself that it fit so nicely already!  She simply had to show it off to her cousin, Lincoln, born exactly seven weeks before her:
He, um, didn't care for it much at first.  Miss Wonderful took the rejection very personally.  So, they attempted to make up:
Things took a while before they warmed to one another again, but finally a peace agreement was met:
No worries, they have generally gotten along well in the past:
Speaking of cousins, these older two are doing well and staying very chummy.  They both got rocking chairs for Christmas.  Lovebug's belonged to her Oma and her Great Aunt, and Dax's belonged to Opa:
Lovebug felt it very important that I include another picture with her and Dax.  This is because she wanted to show off her own lovely dress that she was wearing for New Year's Eve (and Oma's birthday):
She, however, does not understand the necessity of facing the camera in order to show off said dress.  Dax doesn't seem to get it either.  Oh-well.  And in case you are worried that the Pumpkin is sitting silently in a corner somewhere, never fear.  She makes it thoroughly impossible to ever forget her presence:
Happy New Year!

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Mrs in Training said...

I was googling "Guinevere" and came across your blog. I also chose that name for my daughter, and I love that you chose the nickname Evvie! So cute. Your kids are precious :)