27 February 2011

Outdoor Fun and Snazzy Outfit

Yesterday Dave took the girls out to play in the snow late in the afternoon. It has been a rough winter for outdoor play because we have almost always had too much snow for the girls to be in.  Even as it was, Sylvia still could hardly walk around in the stuff and their time outside was rather short as a result.  But it was so cute watching the three of them walk around with even more flakes falling on them.  In the above picture Veda is waving at me.
And here both of my girls are saying, "Hi, Mama!"
We had Veda so dressed up she was like a little snow monster.  First, it was very cold and I was worried about our youngest getting too chilled as she would not be doing any walking around to warm her little body.  Second, the only snow pants we had were what Sylvia wore last year.  Well, the Pumpkin was quite a bit larger than what the Lovebug is, so Veda was swimming in them.  But even if she couldn't move, she was so cute!
After all of the day's excitement, and the girls had had their baths and were in their pajamas, Sylvia decided to accessorize.  It is hard to see, but in addition to the hat she is also wearing her gold sparkly shoes.
I think she does this because not only does she love being able to dress herself in these items, but also because she thinks she looks awesome in them!  And I would have to agree.

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Tamela said...

I love seeing David in pictures with his girls. He's a good daddy.