28 October 2010

What My Mama Made Me

Do you remember last year about this time?  I had a birthday then.  Guess what?!  I had another one this year!  Can you believe it-- a birthday every year?!  I thought last year was pretty cool, but this year was so much cooler.  In fact, I had an entire birthday weekend.

But I am a pretty little person and I can only do little posts at a time, so I will start by telling you about one of my birthday presents.  My mama made me this play vest.  In fact, she made it all by herself.  She came up with what she wanted to make, and then she got some paper and did some writing and then she would knit and sometimes she had to pull out some of what she had already knit (she calls it "ripping" and she is never very happy when she is doing it, but I think it looks like fun!), and finally this is what she made me!

Don't I look great in it?


Stepher said...

You look amazing! Tell your momma that she is super talented and her sister loves everyting she makes!

Ria said...

You are looking great in this outfit. Your Momma had done a great job. I'm happy to hear you did have a wonderfull birthday and when I'm feeling better again you'll will be getting a present by mail.
Lots of love to my big girl, Oma Ria

*m* said...

SO cute!! :)

Susan said...

Wow, you look beeee-uuuu-teee-full!