31 October 2010

Going to Knitting

Almost every week Mama leaves us one night and goes to "knitting."  I decided that I really wanted to go.  So, one week I grabbed my purse, filled it with three blocks (because I am not entirely sure what one brings to knitting), went to blow a kiss to Daddy and pat him on the knee, and then headed for the door.  But then Mama said that I did not get to go to knitting.  I was very sad.

But the very next week, my birthday weekend, Mama had a surprise for me.  She said I got to go to knitting!  And then she gave me the neatest thing ever:  My own knitting bag!
I was so excited to go to knitting!  Here I am giving Daddy a goodbye kiss with my brand new knitting bag over my shoulder.
Daddy walked me out to the car.  After he put me in my car seat he wanted to give me kisses and stuff but I wanted to go, so I pushed him out of the way!  I held onto my knitting bag the entire way.
When I got to knitting I met lots of very nice people, and even two little girls named Tiffany and Barbara.  And Miss Loraine came with a balloon (I loved the balloon and I still play with it almost every day), and a bag full of presents (including some more things for my knitting bag), but the absolute best part was that Miss Loraine brought me cupcakes!!!  The only bad thing is that Mama only let me eat ONE.  Can you believe that?!  I made sure everyone else got one, but there were still so many left.  I could have had lots more.
This is Miss Loraine showing me how to use a music box.  It is pretty cool because it plays a pretty song when you twist this little handle.  I can't quite do it by myself yet, but I bet I can by next year! 

I loved going to knitting, and I really hope I get to go again.  Especially if there are more cupcakes!


JV said...

Extra cute!

Stephanie said...

She gets cuter every blog!