08 August 2010

So Much Going On!

There has been a lot going on around our house, and yet, I have taken very few pictures these last couple of months.  It seems that I have even been too busy to use the camera!

I have joined a couple of committees at church and they have kept me very busy.  We rearranged our house so that the playroom is in the dining room and the sun room (formerly used as the playroom) is now the study.  This was done in part so that a totally kid-proof zone could be established (so that important paperwork, like bills, could not be manhandled by a certain toddler), but also so that I have an area where I can "go to work."  Several evenings after Sylvia goes to bed, I retreat to the study and begin my hours of volunteer work for the church (as well as various other things I am involved with).  I actually really enjoy this at is gives me something other than "mommyhood" in my life.

This was Sylvia when she was sick a few weeks ago.  The poor thing was very ill and suffered with a fever for several days.  I set her up in this green chair and here she remained.  This poor girl was so sick that when the yellow sippy on the chair spilled all its water on the chair and her outfit, she merely whimpered and repositioned herself so that the water spill was not directly underneath her.  I felt so badly for my baby!

Speaking of illness, the flu is making its way through our house right now.  Thus far Dave had it and was out of work two days as a result and I had it this weekend.  I truly hope it ends there and the girls are spared.  I hate how icky it made me feel and I can't imagine how uncomfortable the girls would be.

A couple of weeks ago Dave took a few days off for vacation.  One day during that time we took the girls to Dave's cousin's house in the middle of the state to see newborn goats.  These twin cuties were only six days old.
 Adorable, huh?

And these two cousins just keep getting cuter and cuter!  Here they are each sporting their favorite toys:  "Big Bruce" and "Big Elmer."  They each have smaller versions of this same toy and both have taken a fondness to them, so when I found the larger version I just knew they had to have them.

Veda (and Daxton) are now six months old.  At Veda's wellness check she came out all aces.  She is still quite itty bitty, weighing in at only about 13 1/2 lbs. (10th percentile), but she was exactly 26" and this puts her closer to the 50th percentile.

Here is a "comparison" shot of Lovebug and Dax.  At Dax's 6 month wellness check he weighed 19 pounds and was 27 3/4"!
In the end, though, these two are just such sweet babies and they are very lucky to have one another.  Cousins your own age is always so nice.

This is how we found Orva sleeping a night last week on our way to bed.  She was in the middle of the living room in this position.  She made us laugh and I just had to run and grab my camera.  I guess one can assume she feels very safe and secure in our house!

I know there is so much more that I could fill you in on, but with no pictures to help remind me of what has been going on I quickly forget.  This is one of the "tragedies" of motherhood, I am afraid.


Stepher said...

Daxton said he was very sad that he didn't get to see much of Veda today. He hopes next time their nap schedules coincide better. He also wants to learn how to play that noisy game that Sylvia was playing with. Great pics!

Ria said...

Great to read your blog again.
Hope you all are doing fine now.
Having a Mommyhood part of the house is a good thing, those little fingers will be kept away.
Lots of love, Ria

Ria said...

Oooooohhhhh and I do love the 6th month pictures soooooo much.
Lots of love, Ria