28 August 2010

Reprise of The Old Man Pants

For my long term readers, you may remember The Old Man Pants from Sylvia's early days.  I found them back last week.  You can probably do a simple search on my blog to learn the origins of the name given these pants but here it is in a nutshell:  I put these pants on Sylvia when she still only weighed about seven pounds.  They were enormous on her.  I had them pulled up nearly under her arms and when I brought out the camera she gave me this look of absolute terror as if to say, "Oh, no, Mama!  No!  First, you humiliate me by putting me in these atrociously huge pants and NOW you want to take my picture to memorialize this?!"

As you can see, I found them at an appropriate age/weight for Veda and she just looks so stinkin' cute in them.

It is finally time to introduce the newest member of our family.  I received a phone call from a friend in June about a little parrot named Duncan who needed a home within the next couple of days.  Well, she caught me at the right time.  The Friday before I had been at our little, itty bitty library.  Our library is so small that I can go in and look at nearly any shelf and see several books that Dave and I have donated.  I had been looking at cooking books and right next to them were the animal books (just in case you get desperate one evening and desire to cook your pet, I guess).  And there I saw three of the parrot books we had donated after we had to rehome Chloe last year.  I left the library feeling saddened and teary-eyed.  Fast forward three days and I am being asked to invite another bird into our home.  Of course I said yes.

Duncan, a masked face lovebird, is about six years old.  He is very handsome and has adjusted to his new family very well.  He already knows how to tease the cats mercilessly and Sylvia has begun to "help" me take care of him everyday.  Welcome, Duncan!

And to add to the whole bird thing, I have been spending a lot of time feeding our outdoor birds.  [Between my bird watching, passion for knitting, massive cardigan collection, love of mysteries (and most all other books) as well as for dramas such as Murder She Wrote and old films and television I am pretty much an old person just waiting for her body to catch up with her.]  I have even begun to take pictures of some of my outdoor feathered friends:

I got a couple of shots of a pair of Blue Jays earlier today as well.  I don't particularly care for these bully birds but they are still quite attractive.  We also get a lot of woodpeckers at these feeders.  I have to time things just right to get a picture of them, though.

Just my beautiful girls hanging out together.  They remained quite friendly to one another until Daddy got home.  When Daddy began to pay attention to Lovebug (after having spent time greeting the Pumpkin) Sylvia began to show her green monster again and attempted to shove her sister right off the couch!  Lovebug was saved and the Pumpkin was given a reminder that Daddy loves them both.  (And to be gentle to the baby.)

Okay.  I know.  This is an atrocious picture of me in my jammies with no make up.  Ignore that part.  Instead please observe that my eldest daughter is sitting with me and looking at . . .
A Knit Picks catalog!  Goodness, I love this girl.


*m* said...

is that crawling i see veda doing?!?

Rachel said...

OOO Birdies and Knit Picks all in one post? I'm envious.

Love the pants too!


Stepher said...

Old man pants!!! Those are the best :)