16 April 2010

My Little Darlings

This was kind of a difficult week around here. At least for Mom. The week started with a migraine, saw a power (and therefore water) outage in the middle, and ended with a very long Friday. But it was still filled with its precious moments.
This past weekend we learned that Sylvia can stack seven blocks on the carpet and ten blocks on the linoleum. Her eighth and eleventh block attempts were very nearly successful too. She will be 18 months tomorrow and the "average" 18 month old stacks about four blocks. Yeah, we know. She's a genius. Or, at least, her fine motor skills are superb. (Yes!!! This means she will be a knitter for sure!)
And my little Veda. She is such a doll. I cannot believe how beautiful she is.

I have a poop story about her. (You know you are a mother through and through when you are eager to tell a poop story!) On Monday of this week Lovebug had been constipated for a few days so we gave her some prune juice to help move things along, so to speak. After her feeding I had her propped up by me and within the hour she let lose. Afterward she got this larger than life smile and look of absolute bliss on her face. This continued for minutes! I have never seen such a thoroughly contented look in my life.

(And in the years to come I cannot wait for the look of horror on her face when she realizes her mother published this story!)

This is what I found yesterday morning. I was, again, doing the dishes and when I looked over my shoulder I was astonished to see that Sylvia had climbed into Veda's basket and was trying to give her a pipe. This girl is unbelievable. She is a very high energy child, stubborn, totally in love with her sister, and thinks she can do anything-- absolutely anything.


Stepher said...

Love the newest pic of "Lovebug." She almost looks like she's in a jogging suit, which makes her aunty happy!

Rachel said...

What a pretty little princess in pink!