21 April 2010

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Sylvia was very excited to get her picture taken yesterday morning, and she was so cute in her little getup too! She has such a tiny waist and I have a terrible time finding pants that will stay around her and not start creeping down to her knees. The pair she is wearing in the photo are from the Gap and they fit her great! I found this pair on clearance, and will have to keep an eye out for more.

She turned 18 months this past Saturday. My baby is a year and a half! Actually, she is not even my baby anymore. Veda is my baby. Sylvia is my *gulp* "Big Girl." She had her 18 month wellness check yesterday and she looked great! She is still tall and thin: Her weight was 23 pounds and 12 ounces (25-50th percentile) and her height was a hair over 33" (90th percentile).
I realize this is a horrible photograph but I included it because I can't believe how old the Little Pumpkin looks in this picture. It seems like just yesterday she rolled over for the first time:
This was a year ago, when she was six months. But I still even think that this:

was just yesterday.

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Stepher said...

Why do they have to grow up? Sylvia is such a super sweetie!! I was just looking at pics of her in the book you made mom and we were commenting on the fact that she is now 18 mos. My goodness! And Veda is now 12 wks, right? I've lost count already.