24 August 2009

What the Doctor Said

Last Friday I went in for another ultrasound. Dave was able to come with me as it was another furlough day. While the sonographer did take a few pictures for us, they are really very boring shots so I am not going to post them. But know that Lovebug looked great! This afternoon I met with my doctor to discuss the findings of the ultrasound. For the most part, I have only boring news to relay, and this is a wonderful thing! I do need to continue to take it easy: No heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise, no prolonged standing or walking, etc. If I do begin to bleed again I will be put in bed for two or three days.

There may be a complication when having the amniocentesis done (possibly next week). With where the placenta is lying they may have some difficulty getting a needle in to draw the fluid. And, alas, this is where the problem lies: With the placenta. It is because of this little life support system that I am put under restrictions, may possibly begin bleeding again and have this added issue with the amnio. Keep us in your thoughts and hope that the placenta will graciously recede and leave me to a much easier pregnancy!

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Stepher said...

Yea for good news!