18 August 2009

Busy Times and Lovebug Update

We have been very busy around here lately. Sylvia is really keeping us on our toes. A couple of weeks ago Dave was outside mowing the yard and Sylvia was watching him through one of the windows in her playroom. She was bawling hysterically. Apparently, watching Dave mow was very traumatic for her. Then I heard her cry, "Daddy! Daddy!" Awww . . . Of course, we aren't calling for Mama yet and when I say to her, "Can you say Mama?" She replies with, "Dada."

The above picture is from when "cousin" Jack was here visiting. Sylvia was so cute in her interest in him. She kept crawling up by him and touching his face and babbling at him.

This week she needs to have blood drawn for a lead and CVS poison screening. We live in a high risk area of the state for the presence of lead in the soil. In addition to having her blood drawn she also needs to return to the eye doctor on Thursday. She still has a severely blocked tear duct and will have surgery in October to correct it.

Not only is this a medical week for the Little Pumpkin but it is one for me as well. I had a lot of bleeding over the weekend and Sunday saw us in the ER to get things checked out. It turns out that there are some issues and I have been put on a number of restrictions. The good news is that Lovebug looks to be doing well. I have to go back on Friday for another ultrasound to check out the placenta and cervix again and to verify that Lovebug is still thriving. Then I see the doctor on Monday to discuss these findings. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this is proving to be a potentially very difficult pregnancy.

BUT we have a very good guess as to what our baby is. It looks like Sylvia will have a baby brother! Below is the most recent picture of Lovebug. What you are seeing is his face:


Lindsey said...

Yeah! I am so excited, and glad that things, although rough... are looking up as opposed to down at this point.

Ria said...

Pleeeeeaaaassse, take very good care of yourself!!
A baby boy is wonderfull and great to hear he is doing fine.
My thumbs are in turboboast as we say it here.
All of you are in our thoughts and prayers so much from overseas.
Lots of love, Ria and the rest of your Dutch family

Lesley said...

I will be keeping you and lovebug in my prayers!!! I can understand the fear you might be having. If you want to talk, you know where to find me!