11 May 2011

Those Who Make Me Mom

These two cuties are who make me a mom.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.  I realize this mom sentiment is a bit belated, as the official day of recognition is now behind us, but I figure every day can be a Mother's Day.  (And blogger was refusing to upload my photos on Sunday.)

My children have changed me in ways that I never could have imagined.  I knew, and was probably too aware, of how much my life would change after having children.  But I don't think I had any idea just how much I would change.  For the most part, my own needs and wants have happily taken a backseat to the needs and wants of my children.  I am also suddenly full of curiosity about how children develop and have been avidly searching for information regarding brain development and have devoured information regarding Sylvia's special needs.  While an all natural and organic lifestyle has always appealed to me, it was only after having children that I began to do thorough research and decided to change our lifestyle in a drastic way.  There is something about having one child who has, as the doctor calls, "the most hypersensitive skin" she has ever seen and another child with an array of special needs, that suddenly makes you call into question what we consume and surround ourselves with in our homes.

But probably the most obvious and immense way in which I have changed is that I have discovered a brand new love.  I now know what it means to have a compulsive, uncontrollable sort of love.  I choose to love my husband and my friends and family.  I got to know them and then I fell in love with them.  My children are different.  They were born and I began to love-- instantly.  I struggled severely with PPD after Sylvia was born but even then I felt an overwhelming love for my daughter.  I cannot help but love my children.  This kind of love is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

And so, while it is a little late, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere.  To any woman who has felt the compulsory love I am talking about, my thoughts are with you today and every day.


Loraine said...

You are truly blessed!

S said...

I love this!!! Well said!

Your girls are beautiful. I love Sylvia's long hair! It's so pretty! And Veda is such a cutie peanut! One of these years, we'll have to plan a trip out west so that these second cousins can meet each other. :)

Suanne said...

I love your girls!! So adorable!!
By the way.... Yes, I can come and do some gardening for you!! Anything special you have in mind?
Love to support all your "new" endevours :-)