15 January 2011

Because I Need to Smile

We have had several trials lately and after an event this morning we are left feeling very frustrated with life.  But also very glad to have it.  Dave got into a car accident on his way in to work this morning.  It was a serious accident.  But the only fatality was our car.  For that we are extremely grateful. 

Please be thinking of us.  Our family requires two vehicles (another hazard of living "in the middle of nowhere").  Our family also does not have the means to acquire another family car.  But like I said, no matter how frustrated we are with life, we are also very thankful we have a life to be frustrated with.

I want to post a couple of recent pictures of the girls that just make me smile.  I hope they do the same for you.
I do find it funny that the pictures of my girls that make me smile are the pictures where my girls are not smiling!

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thiscatholicgirl said...

So sorry to hear about Dave's accident, but glad that he is OK. The four of you are in my prayers.