21 December 2010

Big Girl Bed Adventures

For Sylvia's second birthday she received a set of bunk beds from her Grandma and Grumpy.   A few weeks after her birthday Dave had the day off work and he put together her new bed, while I took the girls to the mall.  I had been talking to Sylvia about her "big girl" bed for a while to get her prepared for her transition from crib to twin bed.  But no coaching was needed:  She was SUPER excited when she got home and saw her new bed.

Since then, we have been playing "Find Our Child" each night when we go in to check on her and change her diaper.  She loves her bed, but she also loves her new freedom.  These are a few of the places/ways we have found her sleeping in the last couple of weeks:

But sometimes she gets it right:


JV said...

These are so cute!

Stepher said...

hysterical!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing

Stephanie said...

Passed out in a basket is my favorite.