25 September 2010

The Olympics

Starting in the mid 1980's, my family has done the "Ertman Olympics."  In more recent years, the event has taken place over Labor Day weekend.  Various traditions have been added, such as wearing Groucho Marx glasses, but the general principles are goofy games with cheap, zany prizes.  This year we had a new game.  Some will know of it:  An otherwise sealed box has a hole cut into it, has a specified number of balls inserted inside (for us, it was six).  The box is then tied to the participant's waist and the player jumps and jiggles and wiggles to try and get as many balls out as possible within an allotted time (in our case 30 seconds).

The first video is a demonstration of how the game is done.  Please observe Dave's stellar technique.  This second video is the Pumpkin attempting it herself.  She insisted on playing and I give her huge kudos for her remarkable moves!

1 comment:

Stepher said...

Great video of Miss Slyvia!! You did, however, forget to note the winners of said game: Steph and Joe tied with 4 balls apiece.

Hopefully the grands will be up for continuing this crazy tradition so we have many more years of fun :)