10 July 2009

No. 2

I had a bit of a birthday surprise this year: We learned that we are expecting our second child! I had an ultrasound today (which Dave was also able to attend) and everything looks good. In the picture above, find the circle (looks like a ring). This is the yolk sac (where the placenta will develop). Directly to the left is the baby's head. Not much more than a little bean right now, but there is a tiny little heartbeat present-- that we got to both see and hear! In the picture below, in between the squiggle lines over the baby, is the baby's heart and on the bottom of the image is a "picture" of the heartbeat.
I am due toward the end of February. This puts us having children only sixteen months apart. We envision the first couple of years being a challenge but then look forward to all the fun after that! The Little Pumpkin, of course, has no idea what is about to happen!

In other news (but slightly less exciting), we converted our sunroom into a playroom for Sylvia. Now that she is a mobile woman we needed a "safe zone" for her. She seems to really enjoy it, especially having the sliding doors that lead to the porch where the outdoor cats live. She sits there and pounds on the glass and squeals at the cats and kittens outside.

Sylvia now has THREE teeth. Two on bottom and one on top. They just keep popping up! Fortunately, they don't seem to cause her much pain. She can also crawl about two steps and then drops back down to her belly and commences with the army crawl. She currently spends her days playing and giggling and I love every minute of it!


Sigrid said...

eek! That is SO exciting! Congratulations! Look forward to lots of updates!

barefoot mama said...


All seven of ours are very close together. It can be intense, but fun.

Jen M.

Ria said...

Just WOW!
Lots of love, Ria

Amanda said...


Stepher said...

I love the pumpkin so much I can't wait to meet your next one.

Susan Maerz said...

Congratulations! So exciting to hear your news...and praying that you'll have a healthy pregnancy!

Suanne said...

My goodness, that's crazy! You are going to have so much fun!
big hugs to all of you :-)