18 June 2009

Birthday Week

My birthday was Monday of this week. We had a great day. Dave, Sylvia and I met my mom at the zoo in the early afternoon. Sylvia was very interested in the penguins, and she kept trying to reach out and touch them. Based on this picture it almost seems like they wanted her to pet them! She also liked the gorillas. I loved being able to take my daughter to the zoo and can't wait until she's older and can appreciate even more.
This was just a really ugly eel. I think he was called a Peacock Wolfeel.
Tuesday we had Heather and her daughter, Alexis, come for a visit. Sylvia and Alexis really seemed to enjoy one another this time and it was fun to watch them interact; although, a lot of their interacting was fighting over a teething giraffe toy!

The only bad thing of the week is that Dave lost the car key to the Elantra. We simply can't find it anywhere and yesterday I went to the dealership to have a new one cut. They cut a "standard issue" and said it would work. It doesn't. Tomorrow we have to go back to the dealership and hope they can cut a different key that will work.

Today my middle sister, Stephanie, came for a visit. We had a great time with her and while the Pumpkin was napping Stephanie and I went for a little walk around our property. We saw a lot of pretty wildflowers and even saw two frogs in the front pond. This coming January we will get a little niece or nephew thanks to Stepher and Joe. We are very excited to meet Sylvia's first cousin!

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Stepher said...

Yea, I love it when I'm mentioned in your blog! It was nice today. Next time I will need to stay a little longer - maybe we can take Sylvia for a stroller ride!